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BTRA Monograph Series



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02.2.03 /  288 pages



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Rs. 450/- + Rs. 50/- as courier charges

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 On Imparting Flame-proofing to Cotton Cellulose by Chemical Finishing

 Fundamentals of Flame-resistant Finishing

 Mechanism of action of Fire-retardant Compounds on Polymer Combustion

 Flame-retardant Finishes for Polyester/Cotton Blends

 Flame-retardant Finishing of Cotton Fabrics

 Durable Flame-retardant Finishes for Cotton

 Flame-retardance of PVC Coated Fabrics

Durable Flame-retardants for Cotton, Polyester and Cotton/Polyester Blends - BTRA Developments

 Durable type Fire-retardant Finish with Indigenous Chemicals

 A Study of Durable Flame-retardant Treatments with particular reference to their Utility for the defence services

 Flame-retardants for Cotton: Preparation and Application

 Development of Fire-retardant Jute Fabrics for different end-uses

 Evaluation of Flame-retardant Textiles in Retrospect

 Norms for Productivity, Stores Consumption and