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BTRA Monograph Series



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02.2.09 / 277 pages



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Rs. 450/- + Rs. 50/- as courier charges

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 Some Fundamental Concepts

 Influence of Fibre Properties on Carding Quality

 Effect of Processing Parameters at Licker-in Region

 Effect of Processing Parameters at Cylinder / Flats / Doffer Region

 Effect of Carding Conditions on Yarn Appearance and Ring Frame Performance  

 Production Rate at Carding 

Modifications to Licker-in Region 

 Developments Designed to Increase Card Production Rates  

 Selection, Mounting and Maintenance of Metallic Card Clothing

 Performance of Suction Units at Cards 

 Tandem Clothing and Double Carding 


 Norms for Productivity, Stores Consumption and Quality Control

 Norms for Maintenance

 Essential Check Points in Carding

 Materials Handling in the Card Room

 Carding of Synthetic and Regenerated Fibres

 Some studies on Modern HP Cards

 Appendix-1: Method of Estimation of Cylinder Load and Transfer Efficiency

 Appendix-2: Different Methods of Measurement of Hooks and Fibre Configuration

 Appendix-3: Nep Counting at Card Web