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Effect of Physical, Fine Structural and Spin Finish Characteristics of Indigenous Man-made Fibres

with a view to improve their Processing

in Blends and Develop Better Quality Products


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03.2.12 / 147 pages



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General introduction

Development of man-made fibres historical

v  World production of man-made fibres

v  India : production and consumption of man-made fibres

v  Development of viscose rayon in the world vis--vis in India

v  Recent progress in man-made fibres technology

s  Regenerated cellulosic fibres Rayons

s  Synthetic fibres

s  Recent projection

v  Scope of the present investigations

Techniques for evaluation of fibre characteristics

v  Introduction

v  Ambient conditions for testing

v  Sampling

v  Physical tests

s  Man-made staple fibres

s  Man-made filament yarns

s  Cotton

s  Spun yarns

v  Chemical tests

v  Studies in fine structure

s  X-Ray Diffraction

s  Infrared Spectroscopy

s  Morphological Studies By Microscopy

s  Optical Microscopy

s  Scanning Electron Microscopy


v  Introduction

v  Characteristics of indigenous vis--vis imported rayon staple fibres

v  Identification of regenerated cellulosic fibres using phase contrast microscopy

v  Observations of differentially stained cross-sections

v  Observation of surface topography of fibres using Scanning Electron Microscope

v  Birefringence measurement

s  X-ray diffraction studies

s  Stress-stain studies

s  Physical and structural properties of some indigenous rayon filaments

v  Studies in yarn quality from blends of viscose and Grasilene with cotton and polyester

v  Comparison between viscose and cotton in blends with polyester

v  Studies on structural and physical properties of viscose staple fibres imported


v  Introduction

v  Characteristics of indigenous polyester staple fibres

v  Characteristics of modified polyester staple fibres

v  Studies in yarn quality from blending polyester with cotton

Acrylic fibre

v  Introduction

v  Characteristics of indigenous acrylic fibres

Antistat and spin finishes

v  Introduction

v  Functions of spin finish

v  Chemical constitution of a spin finish

v  Spin finish application techniques

v  Spin finish for staple fibres and their requirements

v  Spin finish for texturing process and their requirements

v  Development of antistatic finishes

Fibre and Fabric Defects

v   Introduction

v  Fibre defects

s  Application of phase contrast microscopy

s  Application of circular polarized light microscope

s  Application of light microscope

s  Application of Scanning Electron Microscope

v  Fabric defects

s  Application of static honestmeter

s  Application of infrared spectroscopy

s  Application of x-ray diffraction technique

s  Application of Scanning Electron Microscope