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Application of Biotechnology in

Wet Processing of Textiles with special reference to Cellulases to Impart Speciality Finishes

and Amylases for Rapid Desizing

under Indian Mill Conditions 

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03.2.23 /  55 pages



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  • Introduction

  • Evaluation of enzyme activity and standardisation

  • Investigations on action of cellulose enzyme on cotton and regenerated cellulose fibres

  • Laboratory studies on action of cellulose enzyme on cotton fabrics

  • Mill trials on action of cellulose enzyme on cotton fabrics

  • Cellulose treatments on commercial cotton fabrics and polyester/cotton blends mill trials

  • Studies on cellulose treatment for enhanced absorbency of terry towels

  • Enzymatic finishing of denim garments and fabrics

  • Exploration of avenues towards cost reduction through judicious combination of enzyme with chemicals

  • Assessment of treatment with indigenous cellulose enzymes

  • Studies on fabric desizing with amylase enzymes