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Year of Publication 2010
Publication Code 06.4.28
Price per Copy  
Indian Customers Rs. 600/- + Rs. 50/- as courier charges
Foreign Customers USD 50 + shipping charges (varies with location)


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  • Indian Retail Perspective Home Textiles, Mr. Vikram Chitnis, Shopper’s Stop Ltd., Mumbai, India

  • Development of Water Repellant Textiles with Continuous Online Plasma Polymerisation, M/s. Kiran H. Kale & Shital S. Palaskar, BTRA, Mumbai India

  • Electrically Conductive Textiles - A Novel Approach for in-situ Polymerization of Conductive Polymers on Textile Substrates, M/s. Amol Patil & Arti Pandey, BTRA, Mumbai India

  • Sol-gel Technology for Antimicrobial Finishing of Textiles, M/s. Jaime Rocha Gomes, Frederico Maia & César Martins, Dept. of Textile Engg., University of  Minho, Portugal

  • Antimicrobials - Uses and Applications in Textiles, Mr. Edward Menezes, Rossari Biotech Ltd., India

  • Nonwoven Technical Textiles : Recent Developments and Future Opportunities, M/s. Gajanan S. Bhat, Chris Eash & Rohit Uppal, University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA

  • Quality and Safety Requirements for Nonwovens and related products, Mr. Jean Michal Anspach, EDANA, Belgium

  • Application of Nonwovens in Hygiene and Medical Products, Mr. Alexander El Helw, Trutzschler Group, Germany

  • ITEMA Weaving Machines For Technical Textiles Applications, Mr. Geraarad Hunziker, ITEMA Weaving, Switzerland

  • An Improved Design of Fabric for Enhanced Comfort, M/s. K. Gurudatt, V.M. Nadkarni, K.C. Khilar & P.V. Joshi, Reliance Industries Ltd., India

  • Cotton Viscose - A Promising Blend for Comfort in Global Perspective, Mr. D. Das Chowdhury, Birla Cellulose, India

  • Superior solutions for the Textile Finishing Process, Mr. Jochen Stillger, Monforts Textil Maschinen GmbH, Germany

  • Go Greener : Innovations in Cellulosic Dyeing by DyStar, Mr. Reiner Werschnitzky, Dystar, Singapore

  • J-10 Air-jet Spinning Machine – A New Dimension in Spinning, Mr. Peter llli, Rieter Machine Works Ltd., Winterthur, Switzerland

  • Intelligent and Innovative Manufacturing Systems for High Added Value Textile Products, M/s. Mohit Raina & Thomas  Gries, RWTH Aachen University, Germany