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A critical appraisal of

export oriented spinning units in India


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 08.2.05 /  112 pages

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 Rs. 500/- + Rs. 50/- as courier charges

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  • Introduction

  • Methodology

  • Nature of floor, department layout structure and humidification system

  • Machinery set-up

  • Raw material used in EOUs

  • Contamination control

  • Production level

  • Material content at different stages of process

  • Ring frame production and utilisation

  • Important replacement schedules

  • Important process parameters

  • Blowroom and Card Performance (cleaning efficiency %)

  • Quality level achieved in preparatory machines (off-line)

  • Quality level achieved in preparatory machines (on-line)

  • Yarn quality level achieved

  • Waste level at various stages of spinning

  • Auto winding breaks and hard waste % achieved

  • Assignment in spinning and winding

  • Performance of siders and doffers

  • Maintenance schedules

  • Process control equipments used in EOUs

  • Miscellaneous process control technique

  • Yarn conditioning

  • Full cone specifications

  • Exporting countries and nature of complaints received

  • Export packing material

  • Nature of packing adopted

  • Work system adopted

  • Rejection of material

  • Some special features

  • Conclusion