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 08.2.07 /  41 pages



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  • Introduction

  • Details of Studies

  • Conclusions

  • References


  • Winding Machine Details and Clearer Settings Used in the study

  • Comparison of Clearing Efficiency of Different Winding Machines

  • Classwise Yarn Faults and After Winding

  • Classwise Clearing Efficiency of Winding Machine

  • Classwise Faults Before and After Winding

  • Yarn Properties Before and After Winding

  • Classification of Winding Breaks

  • Hairiness and Imperfections Before and After Winding

  • Imperfection Levels at various Sensitivity Levels

  • Influence of Tension in Winding on Yarn Imperfections

  • Effect of Winding Speed on Yarn Imperfection

  • Imperfections After Repeated Winding with Open End Rotor Spun Yarns