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(Volume - 1)

Year of Publication February, 2012
Publication Code 08.2.35 /  241 pages
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  • Fundamentals of plasma and its applications in textile processing

  • Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of textiles using non-polymerising gases

  • Studies on atmospheric pressure glow discharge of helium-oxygen plasma on polyester/cotton blended fabric

  • Effect of atmospheric pressure air plasma treatment on desizing and wettability of cotton fabrics

  • Atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization of hexamethyldisiloxane for imparting water repellency to cotton fabric

  • Dielectric barrier discharge plasma induced surface modification of polyester/cotton blended fabrics to impart water repellency using HMDSO

  • Effect of atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization of HMDSO on chemical morphological and physical properties of polyester/cotton blended fabrics

  • Dyeing properties of helium-oxygen plasma treated nylon 66 fabrics

  • Surface modification of cotton fabrics using plasma technology

  • Pretreatments of textiles prior to dyeing: plasma processing

  • Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition of TEOS and HMDSO on polyester fabrics under pulsed and continuous wave discharge