Aid to Decentralised Sector

Three Powerloom Service Centres have been established at:

  • Ichalkaranji
  • Solapur
  • Madhavnagar - Vita

The Services include:

  • Training to the Weavers, Jobbers and Maintenance and Management Personnel.
  • Technical Guidance to Improve Quality, Productivity and Product Diversification.
  • Trouble shooting, Loom Tuning, Overhauling of Machines and Maintenance Services.
  • Testing Important Properties of Yarn and Fabric to Evaluate their Quality.
  • Designing Services through our Computer Aided Designing Centres established at Solapur and Ichalkaranji.
  • Eco-testing through our Eco-lab Set up at Ichalkarnji.
  • Assistance in Conducting Workshops, Seminars, Corner Meetings, Group Discussions on Subjects of Tropical Interest of Powerloom Owners
  • BTRA also Conducts number of Entrepreneur Development and ISO (EDISO) Programmes to Educate and Upgrade the Knowledge of the Powerloom Owners.


  • Hand Operated Hank Dyeing Machine
  • Hank Sizing Machine
  • Low Cost Upgradation of Shuttle Loom for Pirnless Weaving for Higher Productivity and Fabric Quality.
  • Number of Attachments / Systems to eliminate Imperfect Mechanical Linkages of Purn Change Automatic Looms to Reduce Fabric Defects.
  • Upgradation of Terry Towel Manufacturing.
  • Video Cassette in Hindi Covering All Aspects, Illustrating Correct Work Practices for Powerloom Weavers and Precautions to be Taken During All Stages of Weaving.

Silk Sector

  • Chemical Finishes and Treatment Developed to Impart Soft Handle, Luster and Silky Appearance to Mataka, Spun Silk and Other Non-mulberry Silks.
  • Microprocessor Based System Developed For Silk Testing and Grading Which Includes:
  • Denier Meter for Sizing Test.
  • Digital Warp Reel Controller.
  • Speed Controller for Winding Machine.
  • Winding Analyser
  • Dyeing and Novel Printing Processes Developed to Meet High Standards of Fastness and Aesthetic Characteristics.

Jute Sector

  • Extensive Work Has Been Done For Reviving This Sector.
  • Polymeric Finishing of Jute Textile.
  • Standard Nonwoven Carpets For Jute & Jute Blends
  • Grist Strength Elongation Tester - A microprocessor-based system to test the tensile properties of jute yarn.
  • Computerized Twist Tester for Jute.