Department of Atomic Energy, Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Government of India

Interaction of radiation with conducting polymeric composites : Charge dynamics, coloration and their uses for sensors and dosimetry

The main aim of the project was the investigation of the interaction of y-rays, electrons and ions on conducting polymeric composites with a view to find changes in the electrical conduction, coloration and to use such modified materials for the development of sensors and dosimeters. An assembly called as ?Vibrating Electrode System? for the measurement of static charge was set up. The changes in the parameters were successfully correlated to the total dose received by the sample. It is then possible to use these changes for the evaluation of unknown dose. GPC studies were confirmed in order to access the molecular weights and the changes therein as a result of irradiation by y-rays. ESR is a valuable tool for detection of unpaired electrons. The technique of ESCA is a very useful for determining the pressure of certain elements and the valance state in terms of their co-ordination or immediate neighbors. In case of polymeric samples, it is useful to study the bond energy of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.