Chemical Lab Testing

Apart from regular tests, following prominent tests are also being carried out at BTRA.

Prominent Tests

  • Heavy Metal Content in Water using AAS
  • Formaldehyde Content in Chemicals and Auxiliaries using HPLC (detection limit - 1 ppm)
  • Surface Tension of Liquids and Films using KRVSS Drop Shape Analysis System
  • Particle Size Analysis for Dry Powders
  • Weatherability Testing of various products
  • Performance Testing of various Chemicals and Auxiliaries used in Textiles (Application and Evaluation)
  • Evaluation of Sizing Agents as well as Sizing and Weaving Trials

Test Facilities for Protective Clothing Materials and Medical Face Masks

Test Materials Test Parameter Standard Method
Face Mask Resistance of Medical Face Masks to penetration by Synthetic blood IS 16289
Determination of Differential Pressure IS 16289
Protective Clothing Materials / Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) Determination of the Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials to penetration by blood and body fluids- Test method using Synthetic Blood

IS 16546/ ISO 16603

ASTM F 1670