Excellent Human Resource

  • Personnel manning technical services are highly experienced in shop-floor trouble shooting problems for improving quality / productivity, achieving cost saving, etc. and also conduct need based training programmes/courses [duration of few days] to newcomers, students, shop-floor technicians/operators, executives and technocrats in the areas of textile manufacturing processes and testing of textiles. The duration and type/contents of training can be suitably designed as per the requirements of an individual or a company.
  • In the area of conformance testing against customer?s specifications, BTRA reputation is well-established as it is fine-tuned to its judicial role, maintaining the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality with respect to the reports issued.
  • BTRA has to its credit 50 patents till to-date [since 1969].
  • BTRA scientists have from time to time been appreciated with prestigious awards; in the last one and half decades, 1 National award, 8 NRDC awards, 2 DST-Lockheed Martin award for meritorious inventions and research works, 11 Indian Merchant Chamber awards, 5 Hari Om Ashram awards and many other recognitions have been received.