Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India

Development of microcontroller based automatic system for rapid selection and mounting of samples in lots for quality analysis of tensile properties of textile yarns

An electronically controlled system for rapid selection and mounting of samples on the tensile machine has been developed. It has been integrated with the strength elongation testing machine. Prototype model has been fabricated. Extensive trials of the system are undertaken in the mills and after the trials, units are installed in the mills.

Development of microprocessor based instrument system for the package dyeing machines to automate the dyeing process for uniform and optimum dyeing of yarns in textile mills

An instrument has been developed which can be used with minimum programme changes for automating and retrofitting on the existing machine to execute automatically all the different types of yarn dyeing methods in mills and improve uniformity of dyeing. Chemical metering and dosing system has been incorporated in the system for stepwise addition of dyes and salts in the dyeing vessel. Software has been designed to process the outputs of transducers and control the various parameters, viz., level, temperature and pressure. Total operation is fully automated which ensures that the dyeing process proceeds smoothly according to the set sequences in a programmed manner. The technology has been transferred to M/s. Uday Engineering Works, Thane.

Development of IT-Production manager system to monitor and transmit production activities data to central computer for management information and corrective action to improve production and maintain cost effectiveness of the product in textile mills

BTRA developed micro-controller based data modules which could monitor the energy consumption and rate of production for any running machine in textile mills. The data modules are capable of being retrofitted on any working machine and continuously store the data regarding production rate and energy consumed on timely basis. The interface facility is designed and incorporated in each data module. Software is developed to enable the data transmission from each data module to central computer with identification of the machine. The software enables the management to identify the faulty processes and take corrective actions to improve the machine operations for better productivity. The software is designed to acquire various cost related data, its analysis and communication. Reliable data transmission was established successfully to transmit the monitored data to the central PC for report generation.