Product Development

Product Developments Towards Cost Saving

Spinning Area

  • Chemical treatment - for improving the performance and wear life of cotton spindle tape, which is used to drive spindles of ring frame.

Chemical Processing Area

  • Additives for Effective Carbonisation of Polyester Sarees - for better utilisation of acid.
  • Substitution of Kerosene in Pigment Printing - 50% substitution in times of scarcity without increase in cost.
  • All Cotton `Blend Finish' for Durable Improvement in Overall Quality - cottons with loftiness and handle of polyester/cotton blends.
  • Permanent `Soft Finish' to Cellulosic and Polyester Textiles - silky smoothness to superfine sorts.
  • Three-dimensional Prints on Nylon and Nylon/Cotton Blends - chemical embossing without the use of special rolls.
  • `Dual Feel' for Organdie Fabrics - stiff and soft feel in organdie finish.
  • Flame Retardant (FR) Finishes for Acrylic and Its Blends
  • `BTRA Developer - S' - for development of Rapidogen prints by neutral steaming.
  • A New `Accelerant' - for reducing glass transition temperature of polyester, for satisfactory dyeing at temperature below boil.
  • Effective Speciality Chemical - gives combined effect of swelling agent, plasticiser and humectant.
  • A Three in One `Assistant' - for use in the discharge printing of polyester fabric.
  • Loom Oil Additive - for easy removal of stains during normal scouring.
  • Back Coating Chemicals from Acrylic Fibre Waste.
  • Metacryl - a Speciality Compound for White/Colour Discharge on Dyed/Padded Fabrics with Disperse Dye.
  • Gum Tamarind Thickener for Printing of Polyester Fabrics
  • BTRA Acrylates (BTRACRYL) for Sizing, Printing Thickener and Finishing as well as Auxiliaries for Nonwoven Binders.
  • Multifunctional Auxiliaries - for jet dyeing of polyesters and blended fabrics with disperse dyes.
  • Booster Product (Product FB) - for enhancing fluorescence of optical brightener for polyester fabric.
  • Multifunctional Auxiliary (BTRA MTA-1000) - for pressure dyeing of polyester/cellulosic blended fabric.
  • Cost Effective Auxiliary (BTRA Print Acid) - for printing polyester fabrics with disperse dyes.
  • Printing Auxiliary - for enhanced fixation of disperse dyes on polyester.
  • Various Polymeric Finishes for Cotton and Polyester/Cotton Fabric - for imparting various functional properties, viz., soft or hard feel, crease resistance, etc.
  • Superabsorbent Polymers (SAPs) for Disposable Woven and Nonwovens for Hygienic Applications.
  • Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP) - an economical substitute for guar-based printing thickener for printing of disperse dyes.
  • Product for Single-stage Printing of Polyester/Cotton Blended Fabrics with Disperse/Reactive Dyes - permits printing of both the components in one operation.
  • `BTRANOL' - effective low-cost oil stain remover.
  • BTRA Floor Cleaner
  • BTRA Non-staining Grease
  • Stain Remover
  • Rust Stain Remover
  • BTRA Cleaner-cum-lubricant