Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India

Development of anti-flammable, anti-bacterial, electrically conducting fabrics and their use in textile and electronic industries

Since most of the textile materials are polymeric in nature, they are insulating in nature and create problems like static charge generation, which are not favourable in electronic industry, aviation and petrochemical industry. The problem is minimized by making the fabrics electrically conductive by various methods. In this study, various polymeric materials like polyaniline, polythiophene, polypyrol were synthesized. Their applications at various levels were studied on cotton and polyester fabrics. It has been demonstrated that the fabric can be used for heating pads integrated in apparels. Conducting fabric can be used in EMI shielding, gas and heat-sensors. Blending of these materials at small levels with polyester improves the antistatic property. Advantages of these fabrics are that they are light weight, flexible, foldable and durable. Apart from the conducting behaviour, some products have shown good antibacterial activity. Some products using nano-particles of zinc, titanium dioxide and polypyrol are also proposed.