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Assignments handled during the last five years

Accredited partners evaluation and improvement program for top brand
Eco Management analysis in textile processing industry
SOP preparation and performance benchmarking for composite textile unit.
Process cycle time study for process house
Effect of enzymatic washing on denim leg panels for Enzyme wash process optimization
Study of process house to understand its impact on ETP working
Study of Product stability in jet dyeing process
Weavability study for yarns and sizing ingredients
Technical feasibility report for “Detailed project report ( DPR) of Terry towel cluster
Waste generation and control study for composite mill
Study of problems during jet dyeing of 100% polyester satin fabric and their possible remedies
Surplus, old, used , obsolete machines and fixed asset valuation for textile mills
Garment manufacturing machine valuation
Study of the cotton cationization for salt free dyeing , fastness properties and cost effectiveness of the process
ETP adequacy audit of the process house
Study of stain and crease reduction in rayon fabric processing and remedies for them
Study for ETP adequacy, Requirement of dyebath separation and MEE installation as per MPCB requirement
Study of Shrinkage and elongation in school uniform wet processing and finishing
Technical feasibility report for “Detailed project report ( DPR) of cotton cluster”
Development of soft finish on a knitted fabric
PC fabric realization and value loss study
Removal of Aramid yarn coating for the yarn reuse purpose.
Study of dryer efficiency and energy conservation in coir industry
Technical feasibility report for “Detailed project report ( DPR) of Terry towel cluster
Lab and SOP set up for textile trading house/ job working agency

Technical Audits

Spinning machines maintenance audit
Weaving machines maintenance audit
Processing machines maintenance audit
Electrical energy audit
ISO 9001 system audit for NTC mills
Water audit
Boiler efficiency audit
Process audit for cost saving and productivity improvement
Process audit and scope for further improvement in Balotra- Rajasthan
Audit of Good manufacturing practices in the process house
Thermal power plant ( TPP) audit for steam cost estimation and reduction

Fabric Inspection Assignments

3rd party terry towel inspection
3d party Verification of fabric quality and construction at production site
3rd party Fabric inspection

Training Programme Assignments

In-House Specialized Training programme conducted 400+ participants
Weaving operator training for productivity and quality improvement
Processing operator training for quality and productivity improvement
Certificate training for ETP operators
Assessment of basic and special skills of operator while recruitment activity in a textile mill
Development of Qualification packs for textile testing for NSDC and TSC
Development of training curriculum and training handbook for different qualification packs in textile sector
Certification for working of the process house

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