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Subject Patent No.
Prefabricated Pavements And A Method Of Preparing The Same 202221068280/ TEMP/E-1/78301/2022-MUM
A process for preparing an electrically conducive fabrics and an electrically conducive fabric prepared therefrom 201821037398
A system and method for uniformly coating a flexible substrate 201921044271
A method of determination of presence of hexavalent chromium in water soluble dyes 201921031066
Drive system for a Textile Machine 201921031103
A cotton waste based oil sorbent and a process for preparing the same 201921014365
A process for preparing PVDF-ZnO Nano-rods composite and a textile made therefrom 201821035910
Geofilters with improved anti-clogging property and a method of preparing the same 201921022119
A method for preparing improved quality highly durable silk fibres /fabrics 201821045343
A process for enhancing the adhesion of coating on textiles 202021000178
Method and System for Manufacturing Multi-functional Cotton Fabrics WO/2015/177806 & PCT/IN2014/000737 (Overseas Patents)
Use of conductive fabric at transducer in gas sensing, heating element, EMI Shielding material and physical sensor in security application PCT/IN2015/OOOOO8 (Overseas Patent)
Method for manufacturing flame retardant fabric and flame retardant fabric thereof 4294/MUM/2015
A process for manufacturing conducting polymer coated textile substrates and an apparatus to carry out the same 1668/MUM/2011
Vapour recovery system for thin kerosene vapours expelled to the atmosphere during textile printing 896/MUM/2002
Heat setting of synthetic filament yarns/fibres through microwave radiation 4/BOM/1998
A novel approach for enhanced fixation of reactive dyes during dyeing and printing of reactive dyes with a eco-friendly naturally occurring polymer, “CHITOSAN” 5/BOM/1998
A novel device for producing warp yarns on open end rotor spinning machines 7/BOM/1998
A novel device for producing ground slub yarns on open end spinning machines 6/BOM/1998
An Opto-electronic instrument for automatic measurement and digital display of span length parameters of cotton and other staple fibres 95/BOM/82 of 15.04.1982
Modification to feed plate of card to improve card cleaning efficiency 309/BOM/82 of 12.11.1982
A new method for “Reduction-clearing of Polyester Fabrics Dyed/Printed with Disperse Dyes” 280/BOM/81 of 30.09.1981
A method for printing of Textiles with dyes and pigments through foam (A new medium) application technique 266/BOM/81 of 16.09.1981
Openwidth batchwise solvent scouring machine 38/BOM/82 of 12.02.1982
A device to transfer the electrical signals from a stationary source to a moving receiver in a contactless manner 228/BOM/80 of 28.07.1980
A method for dyeing cellulosic and polyester/cellulosic fabrics with vat dyes by cold pad-batch technique 342/BOM/79 of 06.12.1979
A process for dyeing and sizing of natural or man-made cellulosic fibre yarns on sizing machine 139524 of 30.08.1974
A novel method of the thermal treatment of dyed and printed fabrics made from either cellulosic fibres or blends of cellulosic fibres with man-made fibres based on the principle of subjecting such fabrics to the direct heat of an open flame for promoting the rapid reaction and fixation of dyes, pigments, binders, resin and chemicals on such treated fabrics 384/BOM/76 of 03.11.1976
A print paste formulation for obtaining white, coloured/multi-coloured resist printing effects on synthetic fibre/fabrics under disperse dyestuffs 330/BOM/76 of 23.09.1976
Resist printing formulations for obtaining white/coloured resist printing effects on cellulosic fibre/fabrics under reactive and naphthol dyed ground shades 379/BOM/76 of 29.10.1976
Development of a process using suitable compounds for the colouration of cellulosic fibre/fabrics and their blends with man-made fibres with the normal rapidogen class of azoic dyestuffs without conventional acid treatment in a separate bath or acid steaming for the development / fixation of such dyestuffs 240/BOM/77 of 02.08.1977
Novel approach for obtaining equivalent mercerising effects on yarn or fabrics containing natural cotton fibres either alone or in blend/union with other regenerated cellulosic and/or man-made synthetic fibres using hitherto not being practised low con-centrations of alkalies with or without conventional mercerising machines for the purpose 239/BOM/77 of 02.08.1977
Single stage bleaching process for polymer/cellulosic blends 276/BOM/74 of 27.07.1974
A process for increasing colour value and fixation of dyes on textiles 293/BOM/74 of 14.08.1974
A process for improving fastness properties of dyes on dyed and printed textiles 292/BOM/74 of 14.08.1974
A process for printing novel broken effects on textiles 377/BOM/74 of 28.10.1974
Method of treating cellulosic textile materials application 133313 of 22.10.1971
Process for maintaining the reduced state in vat dye in dye baths 131863 of 18.06.1971
A process for maintaining the reduced state in the feeder tank of continuous plant for dyeing with vat dyes 938/72 of 22.07.1972
Vat dye reduction process for use in a dyeing plant for textile processing 6171/72 of 11.12.1972, 55420/72 of 30.11.1972, P 22631385 of 30.11.1972, 311202 of 30.11.1972, 18827/72 of 30.11.1972
Process for dyeing and printing of textiles with pigment dyes 3/BOM/73 of 13.01.1973
A novel process for rapid and efficient carbonisation of cellulosic fibres from a blend of cellulosic fibres with synthetic fibres and for burn-out or brasso style of printing on fabrics containing blends of cellulosic fibres with synthetic fibres 34/BOM/73 of 25.01.1973
A novel process for rapid and efficient bleaching of fibre, yarns and fabrics containing cotton or blends of cotton with man-made fibres 35/BOM/73 of 25.01.1973
Twist sensing device
Novel method of dyeing vat colours on cellulosic textiles 126717 of 19.05.1970
One stage bleaching process 126644 of 05.05.1970
A process for imparting permanent press finish to fabrics made of cotton or viscose or of their blends or of their blends with other synthetic fibres 127061 of 15.06.1970
A capacitance transducer for the measurement of leased warp sheet tension during sizing and weaving 127372 of 03.07.1970
Treatment of cotton textiles for durable improvement in overall quality 130213 of 09.02.1971
A process for improving colour yields in reactive dyeings on cotton or viscose or their blends or their blends with other synthetic fibres 13443 of 21.05.1971
A process for preparation of peracetic acid 123142 of 15.09.1969
A new process for imparting crease resistant finish to fabrics made of cotton, etc. 90040 of 27.09.1963
A device to get oscillatory motion for the dotter comb of carding machine 114172 of 24.01.1968
A device for signaling the direction of twist in textile goods collapsed into rope form 123879 of 05.11.1969
An electronic capacitance instrument for the evaluation of fibre length of natural (vegetable and animal) fibres, regenerated and synthetic staple fibres 125827 of 21.03.1970

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