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Assignments handled during the last five years

Certificate for Indigo dyestuff
Market survey of process houses at Bhiwandi
Certificate regarding dyeing capacity
Shop floor investigation for water conservation in the process house
Problem of inconsistent fabric quality and conservation of water in a wet processing unit
Shop-floor investigation for process and quality consistency in finish fabric
Audit on utilities, process and procedures on soft flow fabric dyeing machine for a modern process house
Problem of higher reprocessing
Cost saving studies in a modern process house
Process house audit for detailed shop-floor studies
Diagnostic studies in chemical processing
Machinery maintenance audit in a modern process house to improve fabric quality
Review audit / observations / suggestions to avoid layer problem
Review of implementation of BTRA suggestions in yarn dyeing section
Review studies on conservation of utilities for a unit
Review studies on water conservation, thermal energy and power reduction, effluent treatment, etc., for a modern process house
Review study on conservation of utilities
Market survey of process houses at Bhiwandi
Investigation for performance improvement
Implementation studies on productivity, cost reduction and quality improvement in wider width jigger processing of sheeting fabrics
Investigation for performance improvement in yarn dyeing
Productivity improvement in wider width jigger machines
Progress report on energy efficiency improvement and implementation
Maintenance practices and stores consumption based on present processing machinery
Engineering audit for a modern process house covering aspects such as process, utilisation and machinery maintenance records
Preliminary studies on water conservation / maintenance audit for a process house
Process control and water conservation audit in a process house
Caustic consumption in chainless mercerising machine
Batch to batch shade variation
Layer to layer shade variation in package dyeing
Shade variation from centre to selvedge
Problem of shade variation on PV dyed sorts
Viscose filament yarn dyeing
Comparative study to access shade variation of 3 cones
Yarn dyeing with indigo dyes
Consistency in dyeing
Effects of impurities present in reactive dye after dyeing
Dark dyeing defect in knitted fabric
Problem of colour fastness to light in PV suiting
Problem in black dyed knitted fabric
Higher redyeing/reprocessing in PV blended shirting/dress material
Problem of centre-selvedge shade variation in smaller width fabric
Problem of red spots on the garments during processing
Trouble shooting of bowing and skewing problem in wider width sheeting for a mill
Problem of haziness/hairiness on dyed cotton quality
Solving starting mark like defects
Problem of holes in finished fabric
Holes in cotton fabrics
Whiteness matching on PV fabric
Processing of terry towels
Slippage in shirting fabric
Weft way problem of green lines on grey fabric
Reduction in re-processing and re-dyeing
Investigation in a process house to solve the problem of fabric stains
Suggestions to prevent fabric stains in a process house
Study on effluent treatment plant
Problem of TDS, COD and Colour in ETP

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