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Atmospheric pressure low temperature plasma processing facility

BTRA has imported pilot scale Atmospheric pressure low temperature plasma processing machine.

Fabric width of 50cm can be processed in continuous manner where plasma can be generated using various gases like helium, argon, oxygen etc. The machine works on the dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) principle.

The machine is versatile and can be used for processing of verity of woven fabrics including natural and synthetics. Plasma exposure time, plasma generation power, distance between the electrodes, flow of gases can be varied to get the optimum surface modification by plasmas.

Plasma machine has also provision for plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) and pulsed plasma.
It can be used for functional finishing like Hydrophilic finish, Water repellent finish Improved dye uptake, Reduce pilling, Improved adhesion to coating, surface etching and surface cleaning, Surface functionalisation with reactive functional groups and many more 

BTRA is open for join Research and product development work using plasma technology 

Advantages of our Plasma machine 

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