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Automatic Wrap Reel – motorised automatic machine for reeling yarn skeins under controlled tension.
Elcofil Sorter – electronic instrument for rapid estimation of fibre length.
Direct Yarn Count Balance – sensitive, direct reading instrument to suit any yarn numbering system.
Drapemeter – quantifies the draping quality of textiles.
Stachmeter – portable, transistorised, electrostatic charge tester.
Ring Ovality Tester – for rapid evaluation of the departure from circularity of rings.
Traveller Stretch Tester – a handy instrument for testing the elastic limit of travellers.
Hand-brake for Spindles – a portable tool for arresting spindle rotation on high-speed ring frames and converted doublers.
Ring Cleaner – an operator’s tool for efficient cleaning of rings.
BTRA Top Arm Load Gauge
BTRA Spindle Trueness Tester
BTRA Gear Run-out Tester
Top Roller Eccentricity Tester
Multi-spindle Pirn Winder for the Handloom Sector
Fabric Thickness Tester
Low/High Pressure Air Permeability Tester
BTRA Hydraulic Straightening Press
BTRA Digital Twist Monitor
Multi-specimen Crease Recovery Tester
Fabric Friction Tester
Bulk Density Tester
Dosing Equipments
Two-in-one Lea Tester
BTRA Production Enhancing Patrolling (PEP) Unit
BTRA Digital Autospan / upgraded Microprocessor-based System
Digital Yarn Twist Monitor
Digital Stretch meter
Digital Crimp Tester
Digital Tensograph
Liquid Flow Measuring Instrument
Microcomputer-based Integrated Quality Analysis System
Integrated Production Analyser (IPA) with Digital Display
Microcontroller-based Automatic System for Rapid Selection and Mounting of Samples in Lots.
Prototype On-line Performance Monitoring System to Evaluate Performance of Looms.
Instrumentation System for monitoring and control of working process in textile wet processing to economise water consumption, improve product quality and reduce effluents. The system regulates the water flow according to the production in kg/m.
BTRA Spindle Topping Apparatus
BTRA Foam Generator
BTRA Solvent Scouring Unit
Simplified Lubricating Oil Test Kit
BTRA Computerised Lea Test System – Conversion Kit
Cot Dia Gauge
Trumpet Gauge
Loom Setting Gauge
Ring Rail Alignment Gauge
Spindle Centering Gauge


Gravity Traps for Blowroom – efficient removal of ginned and unginned seeds and other heavy foreign matter without harsh mechanical treatment; saves card clothing from damage.
BTRA Comb Bar for Blowroom – enables reduction in lint loss by 10-19% in bladed beater and 6-9% in Kirschner beater.
Duo-flat Carding System for Conventional Cards – helps to raise the production of conventional flexible clothed cards by 30 to 50% in the transitional sixties.
Modified Fibre Retriever for Cards – reduces lint loss in the licker-in region.
Attachments on open end spinning machine – to produce fancy and speciality yarns.
Stop-motion for Reeling Machines – assures uniform length in reeled hanks.
Stop-motion for Doubling and Twisting Frames – increases machine allocation and reduces yarn waste.
A Prototype Air-jet Spinning Machine – fabricated and commissioned.
BTRA has developed a number of attachments/systems (electromagnetic linkages) to eliminate imperfect mechanical linkages of pirn change automatic looms to reduce fabric defects. All the systems are maintenance free and assessment of functioning of all the motions can be made merely through visual observations and without stopping the loom.
Opto-electronic sensors for retrofitting on stop motion bars of warping machine with V-creel.
Electronic let-off motion for conventional automatic pirn changing loom to enhance fabric quality meant for export.
Electrode System for the `Novel Electrolytic Process’ – inexpensive attachment for jiggers, continuous dyeing ranges, etc., saves upto 40% sodium hydrosulphite in vat dyeing.
Laboratory Jig Hand Operated Hank Dyeing Machine for Use in Handloom Sector.

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