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Research Association

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Assignments handled during the last five years

Energy audit at weaving clusters
Energy usage indices in textile mills
Study for setting up of standards and norms for designated consumers in textile industry
Electrical energy studies in a modern weaving unit
Assessment study on energy conservation
Thermal energy audit studies
Electrical energy audit studies
Stenter audit for a textile mill
Coal consumption audit for a textile unit
Engineering audit for a modern process house covering aspects such as process, utilisation and machinery maintenance records
Detailed energy report for rubber manufacturing units
Progress report on energy efficiency improvement and implementation
Preliminary audit on fuel, electricity and water conservation for a process house
Reasons for electrical failure in rapier looms
Thermal insulation audit for a textile unit
Audit of assessment and reutilisation of recovered heat from various sources
Studies on compressed air system
Rationalisation of condensate recovery system
Heat output of thermic fluid heating system
Improving boiler performance
Efficiency trial on a Thermopac
Study on new boiler
Checking combustion of boilers and thermopacs
Testing of boiler and thermic fluid heater
Steam trap operation testing
Boiler monitoring

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