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Electro Spinning Facility

The nanofiber spinning machine at BTRA is a needle less solution spinning system from ELMARCO. The electrodes in the machine are wire type. Maximum width of the deposition is 50cm. Using this machine, we can spin continuously roll to roll. Paper, woven, nonwoven and knitted fabric can be used as substrate in the form of roll of 50cm wide. Maximum deposition time is 1min based on the minimum speed of the machine but we can increase the deposition thickness by passing the substrate multiple times. Variable spinning arameters are voltage 1-80kV, distance between the electrodes 80-180mm, relative humidity 45-80% and temperature 23-27°C. We have successfully spun PVA, PAN, Nylon 6, PLA. GSM of the deposited nanofiber can be adjusted by changing the substrate speed. Image of the machine is shown in Figure 1 and image of the spinning zone is shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2
Figure 1

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