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Carbon fibre laboratory

Nation’s first and unique open-access research facility established under the flagship of the “National Technical Textile Mission” to promote and support the manufacturing of world-class Carbon fibre in India on the pilot scale with leading cutting-edge technologies.

Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is a lightweight and high-strength technical textile capable of transforming machines in various sectors like aerospace, defence, automation & robotics and sports gear. The majority of carbon fibres are manufactured by Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) which undergoes a stabilization and carbonization process to attain its graphitic structure.

Carbon fibre research at BTRA:

Being one of the leading textile research facilities in India, BTRA already has a wide range of sophisticated equipment for research in the field of technical textiles. Under the leadership of Dr T.V. Sreekumar (Director, BTRA), BTRA has become the nation’s very first and unique research facility which will have Carbon nanotubes reinforced PAN precursor spinning cum testing facility. The vision behind establishing this facility in BTRA is to provide cost-effective solutions of nano-filler reinforced fibres for high performance and Industry implementation.

Research and testing facility in Carbon fibre lab:

Polarized optical microscope
Dynamic mechanical analyzer
Thermo-mechanical analyzer
Pilot-scale PAN precursor fibre spinning line
High shear homogenizer
Brookfield viscometer
High-frequency probe sonicator

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