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Chemical treatment – for improving the performance and wear life of cotton spindle tape, which is used to drive spindles of ring frame.
Additives for Effective Carbonisation of Polyester Sarees – for better utilisation of acid.
Substitution of Kerosene in Pigment Printing – 50% substitution in times of scarcity without increase in cost.
All Cotton `Blend Finish’ for Durable Improvement in Overall Quality – cottons with loftiness and handle of polyester/cotton blends.
Permanent `Soft Finish’ to Cellulosic and Polyester Textiles – silky smoothness to superfine sorts.
Three-dimensional Prints on Nylon and Nylon/Cotton Blends – chemical embossing without the use of special rolls.
`Dual Feel’ for Organdie Fabrics – stiff and soft feel in organdie finish.
Flame Retardant (FR) Finishes for Acrylic and Its Blends
`BTRA Developer – S’ – for development of Rapidogen prints by neutral steaming.
A New `Accelerant’ – for reducing glass transition temperature of polyester, for satisfactory dyeing at temperature below boil.
Effective Speciality Chemical – gives combined effect of swelling agent, plasticiser and humectant.
A Three in One `Assistant’ – for use in the discharge printing of polyester fabric.
Loom Oil Additive – for easy removal of stains during normal scouring.
Back Coating Chemicals from Acrylic Fibre Waste.
Metacryl – a Speciality Compound for White/Colour Discharge on Dyed/Padded Fabrics with Disperse Dye.
Gum Tamarind Thickener for Printing of Polyester Fabrics
BTRA Acrylates (BTRACRYL) for Sizing, Printing Thickener and Finishing as well as Auxiliaries for Nonwoven Binders.
Multifunctional Auxiliaries – for jet dyeing of polyesters and blended fabrics with disperse dyes.
Cost Effective Auxiliary (BTRA Print Acid) – for printing polyester fabrics with disperse dyes.
Printing Auxiliary – for enhanced fixation of disperse dyes on polyester.
Various Polymeric Finishes for Cotton and Polyester/Cotton Fabric – for imparting various functional properties, viz., soft or hard feel, crease resistance, etc.
Superabsorbent Polymers (SAPs) for Disposable Woven and Nonwovens for Hygienic Applications.
Tamarind Kernel Powder (TKP) – an economical substitute for guar-based printing thickener for printing of disperse dyes.
Product for Single-stage Printing of Polyester/Cotton Blended Fabrics with Disperse/Reactive Dyes – permits printing of both the components in one operation.
`BTRANOL’ – effective low-cost oil stain remover.
BTRA Floor Cleaner
BTRA Non-staining Grease
Stain Remover
Rust Stain Remover
BTRA Cleaner-cum-lubricant

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