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Assignments handled during the last five years

Project proposal (technical assumptions taken) for expansion of weaving and processing capacities for two mills
Project Status Report for a mill
Plant technical appraisal
Examination of restructuring and development plan of textile operations
Technical appraisal report for a unit
Technical assumption taken for preparing project report
Implementation of modernisation / renovation scheme
Vetting of rehabilitation proposal
Vetting out of feasibility report
Vetting out project report of a process house
Vetting out rapier loom project report
Vetting out TEV proposal for a mill
Vetting out the Restructuring Plan Report
Valuation of cables and other scrap items
Valuation of plant, machinery and building structures
Valuation of surplus machines/scrap items
Optimisation of cotton processing cycle time for a reputed cotton procurement agency
Assessment of incentive schemes in a modern textile unit
Costing of sample from Customs
Manpower complement and gross profit at optimum production level and capacity utilisation
Manpower complement studies in a modern suiting manufacturing plant
Labour Complement Studies
Staff complement studies
Manpower complement studies on a modern printing machine
Operations studies of staff complement for a mill
Time and motion study / Workload studies
Duties of Electricians in a mill
Training of mill’s Industrial Engineering Department Staff
Fabric cutting practices study in a mill
Folding studies
Planning for fabric cutting practices / packing / folding in a mill
Manpower complement studies in folding

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