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Mechanical Lab Testing

Physical Testing Laboratory

BTRA conducts many physical tests based on international standards [such as IS, ISO, ASTM, BS, EN, JIS, EDANA,SAE, DIN, etc.] Fibre , yarn and fabric testing is carried out in mechanical tests. Following are the equipments available in physical testing:
Uster Evenness tester
Martindle abrasion cum pilling tester
Elmendorf tear tester
Vibroskop and Vibrodyn
Coefficient of friction tester(Yarn to metal)
Fraizer Air permeability tester
Bursting strength tester
RT pilling tester
Single yarn strength tester
High Volume Instrument
Wrap reel
Pill box
Trash separator
Twist tester
Crease recovery angle tester
Stiffness tester
Tuft withdrawl tester
Thickness tester
Drape meter
Taber abrasion
Zip tester
Flat and rotary abrasion tester

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