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BTRA Scan Editions

April 2023

BTRA Scan Articles - April 2023

From Industry 4.0 to Research 4.0.
Development of high-performance fibres in the light of digitisation

S Muller-Probandt, J Canga Rodriguez
The research work in the field of high-performance fibres is characterised by a high degree of adaptation needs. Research facilities must be able to be adapted after initial experiments and the knowledge gained thereby. The necessary adjustments are made under the conditions of a highly complex manufacturing process, which is determined by many influencing parameters.

Theories of adhesion and plasma surface modification of textiles for adhesion
improvement: A review

Shital Palaskar
This paper gives the review of adhesion mechanisms and use of plasma technology in textile for improving the adhesion of coated textiles. The definition of adhesion is given as the “tendency of dissimilar particles or surfaces to cling together by physical, mechanical or chemical forces”. Adhesion occurs as a result of intermolecular forces acting between the adhesive and adherend.

Textile Processing Water Conservation - a case study

Tanaji Kadam
To control the production cost, utility (water, steam and power) cost control is required and important. In a well-disciplined organisation, the utility cost to produce 1 kg of the textile should be properly monitored and controlled as per proposed benchmark standards. Among these three utilities, water is a very important utility as it is impacting on the production cost as well as the environment also.

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