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BTRA Scan Editions

April 2022

BTRA Scan Articles - April 2022

Effect of Blending parameters on properties of Yarns produced from Soy Protein Fiber (SPF) and Wool waste

Srishti Tewari & Surabhi Mahajan

Ludhiana is the hosiery hub of Northern India housing more than 200 spinning and knitting units producing a sizeable amount of
waste wool. Conventionally, this waste wool is used as filling material, felting, and manufacturing substandard woolen products.

Effect of pre-treatment and dyeing parameters on Dyeing of meta-aramid Yarn

Komal Kukreja & Prasanta K Panda
The meta-aramid fiber is well accepted raw material for high-performance applications. Uses of products include apparel fabrics to protect against flash fire and electric arc exposure firefighter garments, filtration applications, insulation in flameresistant (FR) thermal protective apparel, rubber reinforcement, and ….

Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration by Broth Dilution Method - A Review

Ashwini Govekar & Sonal S. Gupta
Microbial resistance to antimicrobial agents is a growing problem, especially in the medical sector. Application of proper antimicrobial agent is important as resistance can develop quickly. For this reason, the concentration of antimicrobial agents has to be properly adjusted.

RR +++ 108 Active Nanosilver Field Mask for Improved Protection Against Bacteria, Virus, and Fungi

Rajesh Chopra, Amit Chopra, Ratish Jaina, Shital Palaskar
As the protective mask available in the market claims only for bacterial filtration efficiency and does not guarantee the virus protection since the size of the virus is much smaller than the pore of the material used in the mask. An effective virus protective face mask was developed using activated nano silver technology.

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