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BTRA Scan Editions

January 2024

BTRA Scan Articles -January 2024

Energy conservation audit and approaches for energy saving in textile process house - Part 1

Mr. Tanaji Kadam
The need for energy conservation has become of prime importance due to the fast growth of the textile processing industry resulting in substantial energy consumption. The Stricter environmental regulations, the demand for sustainable production, various compliances by the reputed global brands, the need for carbon footprint reduction etc are the driving forces to the energy conservation activities in a textile process.

A review on process flow parameters of UHMWPE fibre production

Gyana Ranjan Behera
Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is an advanced form of conventional polyethylene in terms of molecular weight. The primary uses of UHMWPE fibre in the military and commercial sectors for the making of rope, composite materials, and ballistic applications. The present article reviews the detailed process flow parameters of UHMWPE fibre.


Shreyasi Nandy, Nidhi Vahalia, T V Sreekumar, Neha Mehra
This literature review explores recent advancements in flame retardancy for various textile materials, specifically focusing on cotton, polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. The investigation encompasses comprehensive studies and innovative techniques and formulations applied to enhance flame retardant properties in these textiles. The distinct combustion mechanisms and inherent characteristics of each material are considered, shedding light on tailored approaches for effective flame retardancy.

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