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BTRA Scan Editions

April 2024

BTRA Scan Articles -April 2024

Energy conservation audit and approaches for energy saving in textile process house - Part 2

Mr. Tanaji Kadam

While conducting the energy audit, a systematic approach is required. In this approach steps like preliminary survey, preparatory work, main audit/assessment, on-site and machine measurements, data collection, data validation, energysaving calculations and report preparation are the requirements.

Analysis of sugar composition in honey samples using HPLC separation and RI detection

M.P Sathianarayanan, Karishma Hemani and Shraddha Gaonkar
Honey, a complex natural foodstuff is used for various purposes without any processing. Honey has been used in medicine as well as raw food since ancient times. Essentially, it is a blend of sugars, especially fructose and glucose. Honey which is available in the commercial market may not be pure and could be adulterated with sugar. The objective of the study is to determine the major sugar composition in honey and to assess its freshness.

A concise overview of the aramid fiber spinning process

Yogesh Hande
The article covers Aramid fibers (AFs), renowned for their exceptional strength, heat resistance, and versatility, which have a rich history that encompasses groundbreaking discoveries and technological advancements. The inception of lyotropic liquid crystals was a pivotal moment, providing a foundation for the development of lyotropic solutions specific to AFs.

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