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BTRA Role In Nonwovens

BTRA in the last six decades of its service has developed expertise in a wide range of textile specific areas covering the entire gamut of textile manufacturing from fibre to finance. Since 1987, BTRA is extensively working in the area of nonwovens / technical textiles. In fact much earlier, in the 1983-84, testing of nonwovens / coated materials were initiated at BTRA Test House. Full fledge pilot plant consists of needle punching, thermal bonding and chemical bonding facilities were set up in 1987, thanks to grant from Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. Manpower was trained in product development & testing of different technical textiles products / nonwovens. Meanwhile in 2002, BTRA was accredited as per ISO 17025 standards and reaffirmed in 2017. Recognising the importance of antimicrobial finish and tests such as bio-burden tests, bacterial filtration efficiency tests, BTRA in 2003 set up microbiology laboratory which today boasts of expertise and reasonably good infrastructure.

During the course of last two decades, BTRA has been helping Indian manufacturers to develop products, overcome processing problems and manufacture to meet specifications in the area of nonwovens.
In early Nineties BTRA developed low cost canal liner at the instance of Indira Gandhi Nahar Project in Rajasthan.
Industrial filters, geotextiles have been developed at manufacturers requirements at different points of time.
Cellulosic fibre for manufacturing of non-wovens was explored in 1994.
UNDP assisted project on Jute based carpets was carried out in collaboration with M/s Uniproducts (Delhi) in 1993-95.
Coir / coir jute products were developed specially for a major South Indian Company for application of water conservation in the field of agriculture & horticulture.
Four major dessimination programmes were organized in BTRA where many overseas speakers participated.
  • 1987 – Symposium on Nonwovens.
  • 1989 – Symposium on Nonwovens
  • International Seminar on Nonwovens
  • Workshop on Development of Jute & Jute Based Structure Needled Nonwoven Carpets

Currently BTRA is working actively with some manufacturers for development of non-woven products and their testing. BTRA now has more than two decades of experience in product development and testing of nonwovens / technical textiles. BTRA annually tests anywhere around 2000 samples of technical textiles out of a total of 16000 + samples in its laboratories, perhaps highest amongst any Govt. funded laboratory in India. BTRA also has the unique advantage of not only testing of technical textiles for their properties but is equipped with polymer laboratory which is essential for raw material tests of many synthetic technical textiles in term of their chemical groups, molecular weights and their structure but also in assessing their performance characteristics.

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