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BTRA Proficiency Testing Program

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Join the other national and global labs in our economical and well accepted rounds. Rounds conducted throughout the year. All programs are designed with years of experience at BTRA.

Advantages of participation in PT Schemes

Improve your labs performance and gain a competitive edge with participating in BTRA PT


Choose the program and tests with registration by filling the consent form for the round
Receive the samples, instruction sheet and result formats
Conduct the tests at your own facility using the appropriate test standard
Fill the result sheet and submit the data to BTRA along with the test report in your own format as well.
Get the final PT Report from BTRA with statistical analysis including graphical representation and technical support
Use the BTRA PT report for comparing your labs performance, accreditation bodies, share with your customers, and stakeholders

Join number of participating labs worldwide and get benefitted from BTRA PTP.



Testing laboratories play a major role in the evaluation of the quality of different products including textiles including geotextiles (mechanical and chemical with analytical). The results being reported by the testing laboratories are crucial in deciding the fitness of purpose of a product manufactured. The results should be reliable, repeatable, and reproducible. The competence of testing laboratories can be demonstrated by documenting and implementing a laboratory QMS as stipulated in the international standard ISO/IEC 17025. One of the main critical requirements to be demonstrated by a laboratory as stated in this standard is participation in proficiency testing conducted by a third-party accredited agency. The organization that conducts proficiency testing is called a Proficiency Testing Provider. The international organization for standardization has stipulated the QMS to be implemented by such an organization in ISO/IEC 17043.

The five main advantages of participation in PT Schemes are as under:

The deficiencies in the self-organized ILC are as under:

The competency of a laboratory to perform testing of any product can be ascertained through PT participation. The above-mentioned deficiencies are rectified in proficiency testing conducted by ISO/IEC 17043. Further, proficiency testing requires robust statistical methods to be used for

(i) Determination assigned value for each measurand or characteristic of the proficiency test item (i.e. sample), (ii) Determination of evaluation criteria such as Standard Deviation for Proficiency Assessment (SDPA), and (iii) Performance evaluation in terms of Z score or Z prime score, etc. All these requirements are stipulated comprehensively in the standard ISO 13528.
To meet the proficiency testing requirements of textile testing laboratories, BTRA has documented and implemented the QMS as per ISO/IEC 17043 and secured accreditation by NABL during 2018. This includes most of the conventional mechanical and chemical tests being performed by textile testing laboratories.
BTRA has added Analytical tests parameters like Banned Amine, Formaldehyde, and Metals to its PT Scope, which no one else in India does, to cater to the textile testing labs as well as chemical manufacturers. In 2020-2021, BTRA has conducted 2 PT programs as per ISO/IEC 17043 in chemical/mechanical testing, covering 12 chemical (with analytical) and 5 mechanical tests. Over 50 plus textile testing laboratories from different parts of the country as well as overseas have participated in these PT programs. We have received a good response from the laboratories as well as our reports were well accepted by the users.

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