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CODE Name of the Publication Year
04.2.11 Tips for Improving the Blended Yarn Quality of Export Sorts January 1996 1996
04.2.8. Some Factors Affecting the Hairiness of Polyester Blend Yarns, June 1989 1989
04.2.5. Technical Report-Factors Affecting Performance and Productivity of High Speed Ring Frame in the Mills, March 1987 1987
04.2.6 Measures to Reduce Fluff Liberation at Speedframe, June 1987 1987
04.2.7. Critical Study of Performance of High Production Cards 1987
04.2.3. Factors Contributing to Variability of Count and Strength with Polyester Blend Yarns 1986
04.2.4. Studies on Quality Yarn from Viscose Grasilene with Cotton and Polyester 1986
F-32. Critical Points during Training of “Ring Frame Sider”, May 1984 1984
F-30. A Critical Study of Weft Bars & Weft-Way Defects, March 1982 1982
F-28. Tandem Carding: A Critical Appraisal 1981
F-24. Mixing Cost Reduction by Upgrading Through Combing 1980
F-23. Observations of Yarn Quality of Carded Counts 20s and 30s Warp in the Industry 1979
04.2.6 Techno-economics of shuttleless looms 1988
04.2.1. Studies on Fabric Quality Pt. II: Polyester/Cotton and Carbonised Shirting, July 1984 (For Part I, please see S76) 1984
F-26. Analysis of Organo Silicon Compounds with Special Reference to Silicone Emulsions 1980
F-27. Water Repellents – Application and Evaluation 1980
F-25. Observations on Maintenance of Soapers, Mangles and Drying Ranges 1980
F-20. Observation on Stenter Maintenance 1979
F-22. Observations on Maintenance of Printing Machines 1979
F-19. BTRA’s Contribution Towards Import Substitution of Conventional Resisting Agent for the Resist Style of Printing Under Reactive or Naphthol Dyed Ground, February 1977 1977
F-31. Measures to Reduce Power Consumption Spinning, March 1984 1984
04.2.12 BTRA/PCRA Collaborative Projects an Overview, February 1996 Survey Reports (03.1) 1996
04.2.6(B) Technical Report – Yellowing or Greying of Cotton, Synthetic and Blended Fabrics during Storage and on Use, January 1989 1989
04.2.2. Corrosion and Its Control in Textile Industry, February 1986 1986
F-29. Rust Stains, February 1982 1982

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