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The Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA) has licensed the following products for bulk manufacturing and supply.

Technology / Know-How Transfer
Microprocessor based instrument system for the yarn package dyeing machines to automate the dyeing process for uniform and optimum dyeing of yarns
Eco-friendly product for combined bio-scouring and bleaching of woven / knitted cotton fabric
Thin kerosene vapour recovery system for textile pigment printing
Scourable needle lubricant for knitting machine
Eco-friendly patchless stain remover
Non-formaldehyde finishing agen
Eco-friendly product for dyeing of synthetic fibres, wool and silk (Dura Acid)
Electro-magnetic systems for looms
BTRA synchrocheck modified version
BTRA Variator disc setting gauge
Software for analysis of periodic faults in spinning
Twist analysis system
Jute batching chemical
Auxiliary for Enhanced Colour Value in Printing of Polyester
Sensor for Measurement of Liquid Flow
Take-up Motion for Non-automatic Loom
Cost Effective Speciality Product for Printing of Polyester or Carbonised variety of Polyester Fabrics with Disperse Dyes (BTRA Print Acid)
BTRA Tensograph
Upgraded Version of BTRA Digital Autospan
Microprocessor-based Denier Monitor with Printer Wrap Reel Controller
Microcomputer-based Winding Analyser
Hand-operated Hank Dyeing Machine
BTRA Developed Automated Laboratory Jig
Acrylates for Sizing, Printing Thickener and Finishing as well as Auxiliaries for Nonwoven Binder
Stripping Agent Used for Stripping of Reactive and Di5perse Dyes from Fabrics
Product – FB for Polyester Fabrics to Enhance the Fluorescence of the Brightener
Dyeing of Polyester / Cotton Blends in Pressure Dyeing Machines through Multifunctional Auxiliary (BTRA MTA – 1000)
BTRA Digital Yarn Twist Tester
BTRA Computerised Lea Test System – Conversion Kit
Gum Tamarind Suited for Printing of Textiles
BTRA Hydraulic Straightening Press
Back Coating Chemicals from Acrylic Waste Fibre
Metacryl BTROL – Speciality Compound for White / Coloured Discharge / Resist Printing on Synthetic Fabrics Padded / Dyed with Disperse Dyes
Novel Technique of Scouring / Bleaching of Fabrics Using Modified Conventional Kier
Novel Technique of Kier Boiling
BTRA Comber 8ar for Blowroom
BTRA Digital Yarn Twist Monitor
BTRA Digital Yarn Twist Monitor
Application of Water Repellant and Rot Proof Chemicals Compatible with BTRA Developed Flame Retardant Chemicals for Flax & Flax / Cotton Blended Fabrics
Batch Type Solvent Scouring Unit
Batch Type Solvent Scouring Unit
New Resin System for Finishing Cellulosics and Polyester / Cellulosic Blended Fabrics to Impart Special Feel and Dimensional Stability as well as to Impart Durability to Fire Retardant Finish
Foam Technology for Finishing of Textiles through Foam
Printing of Textiles through Foam Application Technique using Specific Foaming Agents and Stabilizers
FR Chemicals and FR Finishing of Flax & Flax / Cotton Blended Fabrics
Hand-operated Pirn Winder
Kier Method in Scouring & Bleaching
BTRA Modified Fibre Retriever
Digital Autospan
BTRA Foam Generator, Foaming Agents & Stabilizers
Built-in Catayst for DMDHEU Type of Resin Containing a Fibre Protecting Agent
Spindle Tapes
Modification of Feed Region at Card for Improvement in Card Cleaning Efficiency by 3 to 5%
Modification of Conventional Pressure Kier

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