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EMI Shielding Testing

EMI shielding is important in electronics industry to safeguard delicate instruments from damage due to inference caused by unwanted electromagnetic waves emitted from electric and electronic instruments. Further the ever increasing EM radiations emitted by electronic equipments and cell phone antennas is believed to pose certain hazards to human health’s such as insomnia, languidness, headache and nervousness. Typically metal have been used to block EM radiations, but it adds the weight burden. Hence flexible conductive fabric was developed in order to get good shielding property towards these hazardous waves. Shielding property of these conductive fabrics can be measured as EMI Shielding Effectiveness. EMI shielding effectiveness is attenuation of an electromagnetic wave produced by its passage through shield. In BTRA, facility for measuring shielding effectiveness is available, which works on principle of Coaxial Transmission line in the frequency range 100MHz to 1500 MHz as per ASTM-D-4935.

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