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Assignments handled during the last five years

Evaluating coating product at a mill
Evaluation of de-foaming agent on jet dyeing machine
Evaluation of foaming property on jet dyeing
Evaluation of mercerisation / dye uptake
Evaluation of pilling propensity of polyester fabric
Evaluation of tubular knit fabric having barre streaks
Fading effect study on swim suit polyester fabric
Trial on full bleach sort
Cold bleaching trials on surgical cotton and absorbency testing
Vat dyeing trials for a unit
Jet dyeing trial for scouring efficiency at Pilot Plant
Fibre dyeing experiments for a unit
Dyeing of cotton fabric with natural dyes
Trials on dyeing of cotton sliver
Dyeing and finishing trials on knitted fabrics
Printing trials on glass fibre fabric to evaluate binders / aqueous thickeners
Finishing trials on polyester fabric with UV protection & water repellent finishes for a unit
Shade matching for cotton fabric using cold pad batch method
Studying the effect of different detergents on whiteness/colour value of fabric varieties
Testing of detergent samples from a Multinational company
Heat setting trials on polyester samples
Heat setting and optical whitening treatment of polyester fabric
Curing of printed glass fibre fabric and evaluation of stiffness, crease recovery and light fastness properties
Chemical bonding of viscose non-woven
Processing and testing of nylon 66 filter cloth
Processing of 100% cotton knits without using NaOH

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