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Geo Strap

Geostrips are geosynthetic strips engineered for the stabilization of soils or mechanically stabilized earth structures. Comprises a core of tensioned high tenacity polyester filament yarn tendons encased in a sheath of linear low-density polyethylene. The high tenacity polyester is the load bearing element, while the sheath protects the yarns from installation damage and degradation. It is a geosynthetic product specially used for reinforcing backfill material (soil/flyash) in Reinforced Soil Wall applications.

Application Area of Geo Strap

  • RE wall/Retaining wall/Reinforced.
  • Road.
  • Area Stabilization & Backfill.
  • Highway.
  • Airports.
  • Railway Track
The Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA), a pioneer textile research institute over the 65+ years, was established in 1954 by Govt. of India along with the industry association to boost research, conducting testing, consultancy and certification in the field of textile, polymers, fibers and other materials.

Following are the tests done at BTRA for geostrap

  • Tensile Strength & Elongation [ASTM D: 6637 A]

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