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ISO No. Year Name of the Test Method
9073-1 1989 Mass per unit area for nonwovens
9073-3 1989 Tensile strength and elongation for nonwovens
9073-4 1997 Tear resistance for nonwovens
9073-9 2008 Test methods for nonwovens. Part 9: Determination of drapability including drape coefficient
9073-10 2003 Link and other particles generation in the dry state for nonwovens
9073-11 2002 Run-off for nonwovens
9073-12 2002 Demand absorbency for nonwovens
9862 2005 Sampling and preparation of test specimens for Geosynthetics
9863-1 2005 Thickness at specified pressures for Geosynthetics
9863-2 1996 Geotextiles and geotextile-related products. Determination of thickness at specified pressures: Part 2: Procedure for determination of thickness of single layers of multilayer products
9864 2005 Determination of mass per unit area of geotextiles and geotextile-related products
10318 2005 Geosynthetics : Terms and definitions
10319 2008 Geosynthetics : wide-width tensile test
11058 1999 Water permeability characteristics normal to the plane, without load for Geotextiles
11224 2003 Web formation and bonding in nonwovens vocabulary
12236 2006 Geosynthetics static puncture test (CBR test)
12956 1999 Determination of characteristic opening size for Geotextiles
12958 1999 Geotextiles and geotextile-related products. Determination of water flow capacity in their plane
13431 1999 Tensile creep and creep rupture behaviour for Geotextiles
13433 2006 Geosynthetics Dynamic perforation test (cone drop test)
13438 2004 Screeing test method for determining the resistance to oxidation for Geotextiles
1183 1987 Density
13426-1 2019 Seam Peel Strength

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