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Staff Name Title Journal Name
Dr. A.N. Desai New Outlet for Cotton: New for R & D Textile Value Chain, February, 2015, p. 12-13
Mr. B.P. Yadav ‘Conservation of Water in Textile Industry’ Everything About Water : India’s 1st Water Magazine, November, 2013, p. 58-60
M/s. Shalu Khare & Roshan K. Sah Cure kinetic analysis of unsaturated polyester resin Asian Textile Journal, 21(12), 2012, p. 59-62
M/s. Smita C. Deogaonkar & Amol J. Patil Manufacturing of electrically conductive polyester fabric by in-situ chemical polymerisation technique Colourage, LIXI (4), April 2012, p. 42-45
M/s. V.K. Shinde, S.C. Deogaonkar & A.J. Patil Electrically Conductive Textiles: Unlimited Opportunities for Futuristic Applications Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Excellence, 3(3), 2012, p. 26-27
M/s. Shital Palasakar & Kiran H. Kale Dyeing Properties of Helium-Oxygen Plasma treated Nylon 66 Fabrics Colourage, August, 2011, p. 38-43
M/s. Kiran H. Kale & Shital S. Palaskar A novel approach for surface functionalisation of textiles Asian Technical Textiles, 5(2), April-June, 2011, p. 57-60
M/s. Amol J. Patil & Smita C. Deogaonkar Intrinsically conductive polymer coated textiles for futuristic applications Asian Technical Textiles, 5(2), April-June, 2011, p. 44-47
M/s. M.P. Sathianarayanan and N.V. Bhat Durable anti-bacterial finishing of cotton fabrics using silver nanoparticles Asian Textile Journal, 19 (9), September, 2010, p. 47 – 52
M/s. Kiran Kale and Shital Palaskar Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment of Polyester Cotton Blended Fabric with H2-O2 Plasma for Wettability Improvement Asian Textile Journal, 19 (6), June, 2010, p. 61 – 66

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