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Staff Name Title Journal Name
Dr. Padma S. Vankar The Versatility, Compatibility and Sustainability with Rare earth salts in Natural dyeing process IREL Conclave Brochure, Dec’22
Mr. Tanaji Kadam Water Conservation in Textile Process Hose-a Case Study Colourage Magazine,September 2022-p.g.27-34.
Mr. Tanaji Kadam Value Loss Control System in the Textile Mill ‘Colourage’, February
Dr. Shital Palaskar, Dr. Prasanta K. Panda, Mr. Mahesh Kapurderiya, Mr. Karan Tarleja, Sakshi Mishra Highly protective reusable face mask – designing and development COTTON STATISTICS & NEWS – Issue No. 49,p.g.1-5
Dr. Prasanta K. Panda & Gangwar A Application of Nanofiber to improve the anti-clogging property of vertical drainage (PVD) Indian Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Improvement, Vol10(2),2021
Mr. Tanaji Kadam Value Loss Control System in the Textile Mill ‘Colourage’, February
Mr.V.K.Patil & Mrs. Snehal Dhamdhere COE-Geotech-BTRA Textile Value Chain Issue No.2278-8972, Vol.7, Issue 11, Nov.2019
Mrs. Smita Deogaonkar Improvement of polypyrrole coating adhesion on polyester fabric by atmospheric pressure plasma technology COLOURAGE’ June 2018, p. 29 – 35
Mrs. Smita Deogaonkar/Ms. Pradnya Wakode/ Mr.Kaushlesh Rawat Electron beam pre-treatment for textile effluent Textile Times, February 2018, 45(7),p.28-29
Dr. A.N. Desai New Outlet for Cotton: New for R & D Textile Value Chain, February, 2015, p. 12-13
Mr. B.P. Yadav ‘Conservation of Water in Textile Industry’ Everything About Water : India’s 1st Water Magazine, November, 2013, p. 58-60
M/s. Shalu Khare & Roshan K. Sah Cure kinetic analysis of unsaturated polyester resin Asian Textile Journal, 21(12), 2012, p. 59-62
M/s. Smita C. Deogaonkar & Amol J. Patil Manufacturing of electrically conductive polyester fabric by in-situ chemical polymerisation technique Colourage, LIXI (4), April 2012, p. 42-45
M/s. V.K. Shinde, S.C. Deogaonkar & A.J. Patil Electrically Conductive Textiles: Unlimited Opportunities for Futuristic Applications Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Excellence, 3(3), 2012, p. 26-27
M/s. Shital Palasakar & Kiran H. Kale Dyeing Properties of Helium-Oxygen Plasma treated Nylon 66 Fabrics Colourage, August, 2011, p. 38-43
M/s. Kiran H. Kale & Shital S. Palaskar A novel approach for surface functionalisation of textiles Asian Technical Textiles, 5(2), April-June, 2011, p. 57-60
M/s. Amol J. Patil & Smita C. Deogaonkar Intrinsically conductive polymer coated textiles for futuristic applications Asian Technical Textiles, 5(2), April-June, 2011, p. 44-47
M/s. M.P. Sathianarayanan and N.V. Bhat Durable anti-bacterial finishing of cotton fabrics using silver nanoparticles Asian Textile Journal, 19 (9), September, 2010, p. 47 – 52
M/s. Kiran Kale and Shital Palaskar Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment of Polyester Cotton Blended Fabric with H2-O2 Plasma for Wettability Improvement Asian Textile Journal, 19 (6), June, 2010, p. 61 – 66

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