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BTRA Scan Editions

January 2021

BTRA Scan Articles - January 2021

Copper Nanoparticles Synthesis and its coating for antimicrobial applications with improved durability

Smita Deogaonkar Baride & Dr. Padma S. Vankar
The present work describes the synthesis of copper nanoparticles by chemical reduction method and its coating over pretreated cotton fabric by Pad-Dry-Cure method. Plasma treatment followed by acrylic acid grafting was adopted as pretreatment over cotton fabric to improve the adhesion between Copper nanoparticles (Cu-NP) over cotton fabric.

Electrospinning of Polyamide6 nanofiber using wire electrodes

Dr. Prasanta Kumar Panda & Archana Gangwar
Electrospinning is one of the well accepted method to spin the fibers with diameter in nanometer range. In this spinning method, fiber spinning takes place between the electric field created by two electrodes. Various parameters such as polymer viscosity, potential difference, relative humidity and temperature of environment plays important role to decide fiber morphology and diameter.

India Carbon Fibre history and present challenges

Dr. T.V Sreekumar
Carbon fiber is a unique material among highperformance fibers which is used for aerospace to industrial applications. It consists of majorly carbon (>95%) with some amounts of other elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, etc. The importance of carbon fiber is derived from its high tensile properties such as strength, modulus, and low elongation to stress.

Textile process audit: An approach towards continual improvement

Vijay Shirole
In short, we can say “it is a series of steps that lead to a desired result.” In other way we can say a process audit is an evaluation of the sequential steps and interactions of a process within a system. For doing any process, we have to give some inputs and when we give any input we look for the desired output after the process. The following things are taken into consideration during this flow.

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