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BTRA Scan Editions

January 2022

BTRA Scan Articles - January 2022

Improved Sustainable, Environment Friendly, Green Technology For Textile Dyeing Using Super critical Fluid

Swapneshu Baser

Deven Supercriticals, India (DSPL) has developed innovative Supercritical (SC) Carbon Dioxide (CO ) based dyeing and 2 finishing technology that is uniquely suitable for not only polyester but also for cotton and blended textiles.

Basics of Electrically Conductive Textiles: Manufacturing, Characterization, and Applications

Smita Deogaonkar-Baride
Textiles that carry electricity are known as conductive textiles. It is made up of nonconductive substrates like cotton, polyester, and nylon that are either coated or implanted with electrically conductive materials including nickel, copper, gold, silver, titanium, carbon and so on.

Dispersion Studies of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Polyacrylonitrile

Nishant Chandel, Mahesh Kapurderiya, Akash C Kanse,  
Dr. T V Sreekumar

With the increasing demand for advanced materials in the world, carbon nanotubes (CNT) have always been the first choice for material properties enhancement but their uniform dispersion is a big challenge for obtaining desired results in various applications.

Highly Protective Reusable Facemask - Designing and Development

Shital Palaskar, Prasanta K. Panda, Mahesh Kapurderiya, Karan Talreja, Sakshi Mishra
Wearing a face mask is a compulsory requirement for today’s lifestyle due to Covid-19 pandemic. The non-woven based disposable protective face is available at a low cost; however, they have comfort issues while wearing (fibre formation) and disposal problems.

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