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BTRA Scan Editions

October 2021

BTRA Scan Articles - October 2021

Zero Liquid Discharge ETP - A Case Study (Part III)

Tanaji Kadam, A. Jeyakumar
The treatment steps like primary, secondary, and advanced filtration in Textile ETP are already discussed. After advanced filtration, the reject effluent management and the salt recovery are the important steps to achieve complete ZLD.

Improved Fastnesses through Modified Turmeric Dyeing using Rare Earth Salts As Mordants

Archana Gangwar & Padma Shree Vankar
Turmeric dyeing of silk fabric with Rare earth salts as mordants has been attempted to improve the wash and lightfastness of dyed fabrics. Two different mordanting methods were adapted- pre and post mordanting….

Comprehensive Overview of Installation Damage Test on Geo-textiles

Lekhaz Devulapalli
Nowadays soil reinforcement is necessary for geotechnical engineering and geo-textiles are being used as reinforcement since it is easy to install, long-lasting, and economic. Installation damage can be expected to modify the mechanical properties of geosynthetics.

Method Development for Analyzing Hexavalent Chromium in Water Soluble Dyes and its Validation

M.P. Sathianarayanan & Rina Nayak
Hexavalent chromium present in water-soluble dyes is eluted through an activated carbon solid-phase extraction cartridge at a pH of 12 – 13. Dye chromophores, which interfere with the colourimetric detection of ….

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