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BTRA Scan Editions

July 2023

BTRA Scan Articles -July 2023

Plasma Surface Modification of Polypropylene for Durable Antistatic Finishing.

Shital Palaskar
Plasma surface modification of the polypropylene (PP) woven fabric was carried out using helium and oxygen gasses. Change in surface hydrophilicity after plasma treatment was measured by the wicking height measurement. Nano-Graphene was used to introduce antistatic functionality on the PP fabric. The effectiveness of the applied finish was studied by measurement of static charge development and half decay time.

Tuning the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Epoxy Resin with Graphene - A Study via Modulated TMA

Nishant Chandel, Akash C Kanse
In this study, modulated thermomechanical analysis (MT-TMA) was used to study how graphene affected the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of epoxy resin. Epoxy resin nanocomposites with different graphene concentrations (0-1 wt%) were prepared by dispersing graphene in epoxy resin using an ultrasonication and probe-sonication technique.

Sustainable Flexible Composite : An Upcoming Development in Technical Textile

S. Basak, D.B. Shakyawar, Kartick K Samanta, Niranjan Kumar, S. Ghosh
The current review context elaborates on the engineering methods adopted by the researchers for the development of different sustainable flexible composites for use as an alternative to leather like material. This article also elaborates on the usage of different natural fibre-based cellulose, bacterial cellulose, and different plant-based compounds for the construction of leather like lifestyle products with the examination report of essential physical properties of engineered products.

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